The many possibilities of the Hurricane Brassband.

Check the many possibilities of the Hurricane Brassband in one month! • To mention just one of the possibilities; On 4 June, the band played at a town festival in Langenberg(North Rhine-Westphalia). • On 26 June, the … Read more

The Hurricanes whirl through the Hattinger Hügelland.

On 4 June the Hurricanes had a great day in the Hattinger Hügelland during the “Kunst- und Stadtfest in LA”. Beautiful weather, enthusiastic audience in Velbert-Langenberg, delicious chili con carne with “Grünzeug” and perfectly organised by Alldiekunst, for which many thanks.

And because not all of you could be there, here are a few impressions.

Playing in front of the Bürgerhaus in Langenberg.
Hurricane Brassband in Langenberg
A volunteer from Alldiekunst promotes the beautiful city of Langenberg to one of the Hurricanes.
You-tube from Alldiekunst

And that’s, ladies and gentlemen, why we love making music!

Last Sunday we played at ART OPEN in Eschweiler. As always it was great to play in Eschweiler. We have been looked after the girls and guys of Mexi & Co at the Market square. There we started our sunny Sunday to play for the super audience of Eschweiler supported by wonderfull art, dancing kids, listening to and playing together with other musicians like the Sambaband DIVERSÃO!, the Altena Jazz Band, the Regio Big Band and many more.

Below a short impression of that beautiful Sunday afternoon.

‘Tequila’ together with Sambaband DIVERSÃO!
This makes our day!
‘Whooping Doc’ René on the move!
Best audience of the year!
Happy Christophe.
Peace ❤️